Project supporting enterprises (SMEs) in the development of new value chains and business models under the principles of the Circular Economy. The project finances activities in implementing new, innovative solutions, the so-called "Circularity" and the adaptation and / or replication of ready-made solutions and business models - "Adopters". This support is implemented on a competitive basis. ARMSA represents Mazovia as one of the six regions of Europe of the C-Voucher project by actively participating in events promoting the idea, solutions and technologies used in the areas of "Circular Economy". Also, ARMSA cooperates with Mazovian technology clusters, organizes training and information days for SMEs, supports the preparation of applications for C-Voucher project competitions. The main industrial sectors covered by the project are "Agro-food", "Manufacturing", "Textile", "Health", "Blue-Growth (including Maritime)", "Health". Total project budget: EUR 5.2 million.