The 'Internet for Mazovia' fosters the construction of a fibre-optic backbone network and expansion of the NGA network (FTTB) in 33 locations. The main focus is "white NGA areas" -areas where there is no NGA infrastructure and potential investors are not willing to invest in such infrastructure within the next three years. Such an expanded network would provide access to electronic telecommunication services via the Internet for citizens, enterprises and public entities in Mazovia. The project was developed to tackle serious infrastructural deficiencies associated with commercial operators services, mainly resulting in the lack of competition and high prices for inadequate services. The project was designed to make a minimum negative impact on the existing market and investment plans of existing telecommunication operators.

The implementation of the project is meant to increase in the economic competitiveness of the voivodship and global economy, as well as to raise the education level of the inhabitants and reduce the unemployment level in the region. The project alters the differences between enterprises that are scattered through the region.

"Internet for Mazovia" is one of the most important projects carried out by the local government of the Mazovian Voivodship. It will allow to better monitor and boost the development of the whole region by minimising digital exclusion negative effects.
The contractor of the project is a consortium of KT Corporations (leader), Daewoo International Corporations, Asseco Poland, Warwick the enterprise of Telecommunications and Telecommunication Works, Biatel Telecommunications and Telecommunication, BIT S A. and KBTO Sp. z o. o.
The local government of the Mazovian Voivodship in 2013 signed an agreement with the Polish-Korean consortium of KT Corporation for the implementation of such network in the Mazovia region. This is the largest project of this type implemented in Europe. The main milestone is a construction of 3,640 km of fibre-optic network, and thus creating enhanced access to the Internet for almost all residents of Mazovia. This will elevate the economic and social competitiveness of the region. The project is implemented within the framework of the Regional Operational Program.