Mazovia Development Agency Plc. is a partner in the consortium implementing the project "Professionalization of pro-innovative advisory services of partnership of Business Environment Institutions of Mazovia, under the program: "Modeling the System of Offers for Innovation".

Professionalization of pro-innovative advisory services of the partnership of Business Environment Institutions of the Mazovia region is an undertaking, in the framework of which services will be created, that will give SMEs the ability to develop new products and non-standard competitiveness increasing business models. The project partnership will create new services that will support people planning to set up their own business, as well as help already existing enterprises on their way to competitiveness on the domestic and foreign markets.

Implementation date:  05.01.2021-31.12.2021

Program Name: Modeling the System of Offers for Innovation

Financing: The project is co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under Priority Axis III of the Regional Operational Programme for the Mazovian Voivodeship Development of innovation potential and entrepreneurship Measure 3.1 Improvement of SME development in Mazovia Sub-measure 3.1.2 SME development

Total project value: 2,407,825.21 PLN
Total eligible expenditure of the project: 2,143,382.71 PLN
Own contribution in the amount of: PLN 264,442.50

The aim of the project is to create and implement seven new services, which will become a new driving force for the four consortium members. Thanks to the high quality of the provided services, as well as the use of agile project management methodologies, these services will respond to the needs of the recipients and will be co-created by them. The services will be pro-innovation and developmental in nature.