Public4MSME+ Sharing economy model as a resource for MSMEs during COVID-19 recovery time – second stage.

Project build set of ideas how public institutions on the cities level can support micro, small and medium enterprises through Sharing Economy model.

The main objective of the project is to provide conditions for the strengthening of micro-enterprises and MSMEs in urban areas during the ongoing recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as during the economic recovery phase. Economic history confirms that each crisis significantly influences small enterprises, causing an increase in bankruptcies and unemployment in general. Many public institutions at the regional and local level should be more involved in supporting companies during crisis. Consequently, the project will bring together local experiences from the urban areas of the V4 region to share best practice and contribute to providing a support framework for MSME in a post-crisis context. It is crucial to use the unexplored potential of public institutions to support MSMEs by rethinking and re-inventing connectivity and partnerships at the local level - the project will provide tested guidelines on how public institutions can generate and distribute innovative resources for SMEs, following the Sharing Economy model.