Department of Urban Policy and Innovation

Mission and tasks

Support in the implementation and promotion of urban projects in the field of innovation, regeneration and smart specializations implemented in Mazovia. In its activities, the department strives to connect companies, universities and city representatives so that they can cooperate with each other and solve problems which the city is facing. This cooperation can be at national and international level.
Implementing actions that support the development of cooperative relationships between enterprises and clusters in the Mazovian Voivodeship following the objectives of the Regional Innovation Strategy. These activities are aimed at increasing internationalization focused on the development of innovation in the Mazovian Voivodeship and seeking support and financing of pro-innovation activities in the Region.

Current projects:

RENATUR realised within the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE program. The project aims to support areas that do cannot be described as urban areas, either as rural. In scientific publications described as PULs -> Peri–Urban Landscapes.

C-VoUCHER implemented under Horizon 2020. Project strives to create chains of connections in the European Union by supporting SMEs jointly with innovative shareholders (clusters, development agencies, corporations, innovators, early adopters, and others), leading to a change from the linear value chain (cradle to waste) to the circular model - CE (cradle to cradle).

Bridge2Europe strengthening cooperation between 3 Regions: Mazovia (Poland), Saxony-Anhalt (Germany), Hajdu-Bihar (Hungary) in developing European projects, at the same time promoting the possibilities and attractiveness of the Mazovia Region and the willingness of its managing authorities to cooperate in international projects.

AgriRenaissance realised within the Interreg Europe program. The project aims to improve regional development policies and programs due to the “Investment for economic and employment growth” regional policy. AgriRenaissance seeks new opportunities to increase research and innovation resources in the agri-food sector. Thru enhanced cooperation and hybridisation its meant to boost sectors capacity to do so.


Michał Klepka
Director of the Department of Urban Policy and Innovation
Tel. +48 22 566 47 66

Agnieszka Krochmal-Węgrzyn
Tel. +48 22 566 47 66

Krzysztof Trojanowski
Project Manager
Tel. +48 22 566 47 86