Infrastructure Investment Department

The tasks of the Infrastructure Investments Department include in particular:
1) implementation of the activities of the "Internet for Mazovia" Project during the period of durability;
2) supporting regional partners in activities for the implementation of projects for the information society;
3) undertaking activities for the acquisition and effective use of extra-budgetary funds for tasks for the development of the Mazovian information society;
4) popularizing the idea of the information society;
5) conducting / supervising investments in economic infrastructure:
a) investments in transport and communications: road, rail, telecommunications, transport network,
b) investments in energy: electricity, gas infrastructure, heating,
c) investments in environmental protection and shaping: river regulations, sewage system, sewage treatment;
6) conducting / supervising investments in social infrastructure: investments in school, educational and leisure construction;
7) conducting / supervising construction investments for industrial and office buildings for public administration;
8) conducting / supervising pro-ecological investments, e.g. photovoltaics, wind energy;
9) implementation of projects commissioned by the Self-government of Mazovia.