Made in Mazovia - InterMiM


Made in Mazovia Internationalisation of Enterprises - Inter MiM - is a new paid service created and tested within the MSODI Project. It consists of a complementary advisory service provided by a COIE Expert to support a company in starting or developing export activities of its products/services.

For whom?

If you are an SME entrepreneur registered in the Mazovia region, operating in the agri-food sector, this service is for you!

From when onwards?

The Inter MiM service will be available from 1 November 2022.

What support and price of the service?

As part of the Inter MiM service, a COIE Expert will interview you to assess your situation and export opportunities on the basis of which he will price and identify the service module in which you most need our assistance. Through the developed materials and support within the scope of the service we will help you prepare your company for export as well as develop export opportunities in new markets for your products.  

As part of the Inter MiM service, we offer the preparation of the following for a fee:

  • Analysis of the selected market;
  • An expansion plan for the selected market;
  • Selection of a contractor acquisition method and preparation of the entrepreneur for b2b;
  • Support for participation in a business event.

More about the project: MODELING OF THE SYSTEM OF OFFERS FOR INNOVATIONS | Agencja Rozwoju Mazowsza S.A.

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