Entrepreneurship Support

Updated on 31.10.2023

What do we do?

Our mission is to create and support the socio-economic development of Mazovia.

The Investor and Exporter Service Centre implements activities aimed at supporting entrepreneurship and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and local government units.

Our aim is to attract and serve investors, support the Polish exporter, support the development of the business ecosystem, as well as support local government units in improving their competence in the aforementioned goals.

We have extensive experience in supporting regional entrepreneurship and in implementing projects financed by EU funds: regional, national and international (e.g. INTERREG, ROP, POWER, POIG programmes). By building extensive relations and networks; areas of our cooperation include participation in project stakeholder groups, co-organisation of information, promotional, training and business events.

In carrying out its activities, we work closely with companies, local governments, public institutions and Business Support Organisations to build an innovative and SME-friendly ecosystem. We also cooperate with the Marshal's Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, Ministries, Embassies and Consulates of the Republic of Poland around the world, Foreign Trade Offices (FTC), Polish Investment and Trade Agency S.A. (PAIH S.A.) and Special Economic Zones.

Entrepreneurship support

We actively participate in the creation and development of a friendly business ecosystem in Mazovia and take measures to support local entrepreneurship. We are building wide cooperation networks with various stakeholders, within which we create ideas of joint events supporting entrepreneurship, improving competences and knowledge not only of entrepreneurs, but also of employees of Local Government Units (LGU).

In our daily work, we exchange experience and know-how in the field of entrepreneurship support with such institutions as the Marshal's Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, JST - municipalities and districts (Radom, Ostrołęka, Płock, Żyrardów, Bielany, Ursynów, Targówek), the Centre of Entrepreneurship Smolna, Industrial Development Agency JSC, Płock Industrial and Technological Park, National Chambers of Commerce and other chambers of commerce, clusters, employers' associations and other Business Support Organisations (BSO). We also cooperate with other regions and their institutions. This mutual support and exchange of information helps us to develop new projects, information meeting programmes and other entrepreneurship-oriented tools.

Thanks to our broad cooperation, we implement projects that support entrepreneurship and target different audiences: employees of LGUs, entrepreneurs, including owners of family businesses, or students and young researchers.

What do we offer to entrepreneurs?

  • Participation in free information meetings, training courses and webinars for entrepreneurs on internationalisation and business support tools and instruments,
  • participation in matchmaking meetings,
  • information services on export activities and entrepreneurship
  • information on economic events,
  • Inter MiM service - a new paid service, created and tested within the MSODI Project. It consists of a complementary advisory service provided by a COIE Expert to support a food company in starting or developing export activities of its products/services.

Each case is considered individually and actions are taken each time in a manner adapted to the needs of the entrepreneur.

We look forward to work with you:

Entrepreneurs willing to use our services are welcome to contact our department at coie@armsa.pl and register in our database of Mazovian entrepreneurs. Those who are registered in it are sent information on our and our partners' economic events.

What do we offer to institutions?

  • co-organisation of economic events and information events such as information meetings, trainings and webinars for entrepreneurs,
  • co-organisation of inbound economic missions,
  • experience and competence in the field of internationalisation, investor service and entrepreneurship support,
  • experience and know-how in the implementation of EU projects,
  • possibility to participate in stakeholder groups of implemented projects,
  • our involvement in project partnerships, membership of working groups or project stakeholder groups.

We invite you to cooperate with us:

We invite you to cooperate and co-organise economic events for entrepreneurs and public institutions. We are open to cooperation in project consortia and project working groups.

Our projects:

Current projects:

  1. BSR DeepTech Launch - a project to develop a Toolbox - containing business skills and knowledge, targeting Deeptech students and young researchers. More>>
  2. PROACTsme - a project to lead to improved policy instruments for the development of smart, personalised, proactive public e-services for SMEs. More>>
  3. Implementation of uniform standards of investor service for territorial self-government units of Mazowieckie Voivodeship - a project aimed at improving the level of knowledge of office staff and preparing a professional offer addressed to potential investors, as well as developing a high level of establishment and maintenance of office-investor/entrepreneur relations. More>>

Completed projects:

  1. Success Road – A project for promoting knowledge of succession in Mazovia among both Local Government Units and family businesses. More>>
  2. START EASY- A project that aims to promote and carry out activities to support substantive staff and Local Government Units (LGUs), aimed at promoting innovative solutions in public administration geared towards the creation of One Stop Shop (OSS) or the creation and introduction of new services to existing OSS. More>>
  3. Mazovia – the economic heart of Poland - A project aimed at the economic promotion of the province, including the tourism, chemical, biotechnology, furniture, agri-food and IT/ICT industries through the participation of Mazovian entrepreneurs in economic missions, fairs and seminars. More>>
  4. Business-friendly Mazovia - project aimed at creating for the development of innovation potential and entrepreneurship in Mazovia. More>>
  5. Network of Investor and Exporter Service Centres – A project to establish centers in 16 provinces to support entrepreneurs, i.e. investors and exporters, by providing free information services. More>>
  6. MSODI - a venture that has created services that will assist SMEs on their way to competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets, such as a service. InterMiM. More>>

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