The project was addressed to Mazovia residents over the age of 25 who, on their own initiative, are interested in acquiring, supplementing or increasing digital or language skills and competences, with particular emphasis on people 50+ and people living in rural areas. The project involved training in ICT and English.
“Mobile in Europe”


The aim of the project was to alleviate social exclusion processes through the individualized and comprehensive application of different types of activities to each of the project participants benefiting from social assistance in selected areas of Mazovia. The participants of the project were 500 people from families with many children excluded or at risk of social exclusion benefiting from social assistance.


Preparing officers and employees of the Police from Mazovia to perform their official duties more effectively by 31.01.2013.


Increasing the competitiveness on the labour market of adult working people employed in Mazovia until 30.04.2014.